Exploring Eternal Egypt

30. September to 10. October 2022


Cairo-Luxor-Abydos-Nile Cruise-Anafora Coptic Retreat Center

11-Days Spiritual Pilgrimage with Scandinavian & USA Seekers

This magical Adventure is arranged in cooperation with tour leaders Berit & Derek Seagrief.

Exploring Eternal Egypt - Berit and Derek Seagrif

The journey

Our Journey is planned as a magical Adventure from start to finish. It begins when you Register your commitment to be one of the Keys of Light that each traveller shall represent. The Temples & Tombs of ancient Egypt were designed as places for self-realization – and our Tours reflect & respect this tradition.

21st. Century society and individuals can learn so much from the ancient Egyptian world view, which is why our Tours always emphasis “Eternal Egypt”. They were Masters in this technology of Light – and we are their students.

Exploring Eternal Egypt - Key Of Light


That being so, we shall prepare all travellers with a 70-Day program of meditation & various visualization exercises designed to prepare you for attunement with this ancient Egyptian vibration. This inner preparation work has been an original feature of our Tours for more than 25 years. Every 7 days you will receive a special set of papers – and there are 10 such “Books” or study material.

Rebirth on the Nile

One look at our incredible schedule will show you that this is a carefully crafted adventure that seeks to bring you deep into the Wisdom Teachings of the Ancient Egyptians – with focus upon increased livingness. We could also rename the Tour:

Rebirth on the Nile, for any visitor wanting to enjoy the true, authentic Egypt, must take time to experience sailing on the Nile, experiencing sunrise & sunset, eating & sleeping, reflecting and centering oneself, healing on the Nile. Yet not on a big cruiser but a wonderful luxury sailboat exclusively hired just for our group – fantastic!

Our Tour 2022 is planned with Tour Leaders Berit & Derek Seagrief and Younes Rejser ApS.

Exploring Eternal Egypt - Horus

Together we will gather a Scandinavian group combined with a group of Seekers from the USA.

Our previous Tour was 14-Days & took place at the Autumn Equinox 2018, and was the ultimate Egypt experience, because it was the culmination of 25 years experience – and then came the Corona lockdown.


But during this interval, there has hopefully been the creation of a totally new Egyptian Museum in Cairo which will open in 2022 and this is a big event for all travellers to enjoy, and especially if you have previously experienced & can recall the old cramped conditions of the earlier Museum.


A Key of Light

Egypt is undoubtedly an inspirational experience – and in contrast to most charter groups, we place great importance on the unfolding group process, making space & place for these personal transformations.

You are a KEY OF LIGHT – The Golden Ankh – and a key needs to be turned to open the door.

Welcome to an incredible magical and alchemical 11-Day Adventure!

Exploring Eternal Egypt - Philae Temple

Highlights of our tour

Just some of the wonderful highlights of our Tour:

  • Sunrise ritual on the sands of Giza, overlooking the Great Pyramid;
  • Entry into the Great Pyramid; meeting the Guardian Sphinx & experiencing the ancient Sakkara mortuary complex;
  • Inspirational visit to the new Egyptian Museum, Cairo;
  • Exploration of the magnificent tombs in the Valley of the Kings;
  • Queen Hatshepsut’s futuristic mortuary Temple;
  • The Temple of Man at Luxor & the macrocosmic Temple at nearby Karnak, the biggest Cathedral space in the world;
  • Experience the dramatic “Sound & Light” show in Karnak Temple
  • Enjoy the luxury of the famous Old Winter Place Hotel in the heart of Luxor;
  • Ritual work at sacred sites, (whenever it is possible) ;
  • Journey deep south to Aswan & the beautiful temple of Isis on the island of Philae;
  • Journey along the sacred river Nile in our luxury cruise boat;
  • Included on our Nile cruise will be entry into the amazing temples of Kom Ombo, dedicated to 2 Gods, the Sun God & the Crocodile God, Esna & the best preserved temple in Egypt, Edfu, dedicated to the Sun god Horus;
  • Enjoy a visit to Papyrus & Perfume shops;
  • Experience the high-point at the end of our Tour as we stay at the wonderful Coptic Community at Anafora Retreat Center with the famous Bishop Thomas;

and much, much more!

Scandinavian travellers fly with Egypt Air as they fly direct from Copenhagen to Cairo. Please do not hesitate to contact ud if you wish to start your journey from another airport.


Exploring Eternal Egypt

30 September to 10 October 2022

T O U R  1  -  S C H E D U L E    2 0 2 2

  • 2 nights in Aswan
  • 3 nights on luxury cruise boat
  • 2 nights in Luxor
  • 1 night in Cairo
  • 2 nights in Anafora Coptic Retreat Center

Day-to-day program

DAY 1 – Friday (Venus Day)  30th. of  Septmber 2022

Scandinavian group travels from Kastrup Egypt Air kl.15.45

Arriving Cairo kl. 20.10 (4½ Hours direct flight Boeing 737)

USA group travels direct Washington-Cairo.

Flight Cairo to Aswan 22.30.

Check in at Nubian Holiday Hotel - 2 nights.


DAY 2 – Saturday  (Saturn Day)  01 st. of  October 2022

Explore via boat, Elephantine island & Temple of Khnum, the ram- headed Creator God.

Shopping in Aswan market, visit Perfume shop.

Evening dinner at Hotel.


DAY 3 – Sunday (Day of the Sun)  02 nd. of  October 2022

Leaving Hotel.

Morning visit to the magnificent Isis Temple on the island of Philae.

Boarding our luxury boat for late lunch in time for sunset.

Evening dinner on boat as we sail towards Kom Ombo Temple.


DAY 4 – Monday (Day of the Moon)  03 ed. of  October 2022

After breakfast, early morning visit to Kom Ombo Temple, a unique temple dedicated to 2 Gods, the Sun god & the Crocodile god.

Return to our boat for Lunch and relaxation as we sail towards Edfu.


DAY 5 – Tuesday (Mars Day)  04th. of  October 2022

Breakfast on our boat and entry during the day into the best preserved temple in Egypt – the Edfu Temple dedicated to the Sun God Horus.

A fantastic day that also brings to an end our time with the ship’s crew.

Our third and final dinner & celebrations on boat.


DAY 6 – Wednesday (Mercury Day) 05th. of  October 2022

After breakfast we say goodbye to the ship’s crew as our baggage is loaded onto Coach & we make the short drive to the Temple of Khnum which is 9 m./30 ft. below the present street level - Esna Temple.

Lunch nearby, then another short drive to Luxor, ancient Thebes, where we shall check-in at the world famous Old Winter Palace Hotel with rooms overlooking the Nile & situated very close to the inspiring Luxor Temple. We have 2 nights in the Hotel.

Evening visit to the Luxor Temple of Man & the newly opened Avenue of the Sphinxes. Dinner at local restaurant.


DAY 7 – Thursday (Jupiter Day)  06th. of  October 2022

Early morning visit to the Valley of the Kings & the West Bank before the heat of the midday sun. Here we shall visit 3 tombs, including the magnificent Seti 1 tomb, 100m/330 ft. in length, which has a far superior quality & state of preservation than any others in the Valley of the Kings. Local lunch followed by short drive to Queen Hatsheput’s wonderful futuristic temple set against the background of the Theban mountains. On the way we visit Alabaster factory.

Return to Hotel to enjoy “High Tea” on the evocative garden veranda.

Evening “Sound & Light” show at Karnak Temple.


DAY 8 – Friday (Venus Day)  07th. of  October 2022

Early breakfast, check-out of Hotel and load our baggage onto coach

with a short drive to Karnak Temple, the world’s biggest Cathedral.

3 hours to explore Karnak and then we drive to nearby airport to make the 2pm afternoon flight to Cairo.

Check-in at Hotel near the Giza Pyramids for 1 night only.

If possible, late afternoon visit to the New Museum of Antiquities.


DAY 9 – Saturday (Saturn Day) 08th. of  October 2022

Early breakfast and 8am arrival at the incredible Great Pyramid.

This is followed by visit to the legendary Sphinx. Local lunch, then drive 1 hour to the impressive Red Pyramid.

We then journey to Anafora, the Coptic Retreat Center and Community where we shall enjoy our final days in Egypt. We shall arrive for a delicious evening vegetarian dinner, followed by Coptic Prayer ceremony. This was a desert region and over the years it has become a self-supporting community growing their own produce.

Welcome to a wonderful inspirational environment!


DAY 10 – Sunday ( Day of the Sun)  09th. of  October 2022

Today is our final full day in Egypt as tomorrow morning we arise

very early to meet our flight schedules.

After breakfast free time to wander around and experience the many activities that take place within this Coptic Community.

They are a teaching & educational establishment, self-supporting farm, growing their own crops, painting historical Coptic icons, metalwork & pottery, making clothing, blankets etc. Visit the wonderful shop with it’s many hand-made & original items.

Meeting with its visionary creator & leader Bishop Thomas.

Afternoon group sharing and lots of time to digest our adventures

from the past days.

A wonderful healing ending to our Eternal Egypt adventure.


DAY 11 – Monday (Day of the Moon) 10th. of  October 2022

Time for our departure – both Scandinavian & USA group leave for Cairo airport at 5am early morning. It is a 2½ hour journey to the airport and the Scandinavian group has a 10am fight with Egypt Air

arriving Copenhagen kl.14.45.

These times allow travellers living in Sweden or Norway to make suitable arrangements for same-day flights to their final destination.

Please note that in Denmark/Scandinavia we arrive home on a public holiday weekend, Monday 6th. June is the Second Pinsedag holiday.

Welcome home after an incredible magical 11 Days in Eternal Egypt!


Pris og tillæg

Exploring Eternal Egypt - Isis


Price for Scandinavia Travellers

Per person in shared accommodation for 11 Days:

Total:  19.850Dkr.

Single supplement: Add extra 2950 Dkr.

The price includes:

  • Direct flight from Copenhagen - Cairo return
  • Meal and drinks at the flight to/from Copenhagen .
  • 23 kg check in luggage and 8 kg carry-on.
  • Meet and greet at Cairo airport including visa handling.
  • Domestic flight to Aswan
  • Transfer to hotel in Aswan
  • 2 nights in Aswan at Nubian Holiday House including breakfast
  • Transfer to Dahabeya
  • 3 nights at the Dahabeya boat including full board
  • Transfer from the boat to Luxor
  • 2 nights to Luxor at Old Winter Palace including breakfast
  • Transfer from the hotel to airport at Luxor
  • Domestic flight from Luxor to Cairo
  • Transfer from airport to hotel at Cairo
  • 1 night ati Cairo 4* Pyramids Park including breakfast
  • Transfer from hotel to Ana Fora
  • 2 nights at Ana Fora including full board
  • Transfer from Ana Fora to airport in CairoSightseeing:
  • Philae Temple, Elephantine island, Temple of Khnum, visit Perfume shop
  • Kom Ombo, Edfu Temple, Esna Temple
  • Luxor Temple of Man & the newly opened Avenue of the Sphinxes
  • Valley of the Kings, including Seti 1 tomb, Queen Hatsheput’s temple, visit Alabaster factory
  • Evening “Sound & Light” show at Karnak Temple.
  • Karnak Temple
  • the New Museum of Antiquities (if open)
  • Great Pyramid (including entrance inside Keops) and Sphinx
  • Red Pyramid.
  • Derek’s 70-Day Inner Preparation study material.


Meal plan:

  • All days breakfast
  • Lunch: 1 in Luxor at the West Bank and 1 in Cairo at pyramids day tour
  • Full board 3 nights at dahabeya and 2 nights in Ana Fora

Not included:

  • Tipping
  • Drinks
  • Other meals that are not mentioned
  • Personal expenses and insurances
  • Expenses to corona documentation

Please Note:

Not included in the price are all lunches & evening dinner to be paid for by each traveller – with the exception of dinners on our Cruise boat, full board at Anafora Coptic Community - plus 3 paid lunches at Cairo, Dendera/Abydos & West Bank.


To Register

You make a Deposit of 3000 Dkr. (non-refundable)

to secure your place ASAP as one of the 22 Keys of Light.

The Bank information for making your Deposit Payment

will be sent to you after we have received your email request.

Note: Please ensure that we receive the amount requested and that

you pay all bank/service charges - thank you.

To help assist your economy we have made it possible to pay the remaining costs in 3 instalments.

So first you make the 3000 Dkr. deposit when signing up for the journey, followed by payments spread upn to 4 weekes before journey starts to be registered with Younes Rejser Aps.

Younes Rejser bank information will be sent to each traveller after your deposit has been registered.

If you wish to pay the full amount with one bank transaction then we naturally welcome your registration!


Do you need to know more?

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